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Елена Молозанов

Alena Molozanov

An exuberant pop stylist, Alena Molozanov paints as though she were born doing so. Beyond the immediate delight in the multiplicity of objects, symbols, colors, textures in Alzano compositions, one can find a thoughtful commentary on the pleasures and dangers of life, the vicissitudes of love, death, and politics. Molozanov’s canvasses—her skulls, faces, abstractions—are a great adventure to explore and behold.

Description of works

Hazy Summer Of 2020
acrylic on canvas, varnished.

The plan was to make a happy summer painting. But then I got carried away, mostly feeling that everything that’s happening is all about politics and political gain. Not about you and me, not about peoples well-being. PRAY FOR THE USA!

Beach Junkies
acrylic on canvas, light paste, varnished.

I made this painting for my friends, who bought their dream house on the beach. They are not big fans of skulls, so I told them these are shell creatures. And they love it!

Say Yes More
acrylic on canvas, varnished

Complete Together
acrylic on canvas, varnished.
36’/36’ each

This painting is about the relationship puzzle. If you fined someone who makes you feel complete, you are very lucky!

Конкурсные работы

  • Олена Молозанов 2021 Hazy Summer Of 2020
  • Олена Молозанов 2021 Beach Junkies
  • Олена Молозанов 2021 Say Yes More
  • Олена Молозанов 2021 Complete Together
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