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Jean-Philippe Deugnier

Художник Жан-Філіп Дюньє

Jean-Philippe Deugnier 

Franco-German artist Jean-Philippe Deugnier, who draws his inspiration from Bauhaus, the Support-Surface movement, Edward Hopper and Vilhelm HammershØi, was an amateur for 25 years then turned professional after spending several years working with radiopharmaceuticals.

His work focuses on memory, resilience, cognition, and the emotions.

He creates multifaceted, multi-discursive, evolving works which hover between art and science.

His favourite themes were initially drawn from architecture, but he has moved over the years to portraiture and non-figurative subjects.

He often includes curves and mathematical formulae in his images to highlight the ambivalent nature of the relationship between materiality and emotion.

He uses either his own shots, or images on glass plates, embracing simultaneous, successive or mixed colour contrasts, remanence of images, intensification, fading or interactions of colours, as well as unexpected readings which may occur.

He uses high-quality industrial printing supports, selected for their physical and optical properties, to produce works which play with light and thus offer a perceptual experience of immersion in the image, an exploration of the idea of vision.

In his lenticular works, he combines between 2 and 8 images, featuring contrasting colours, so that both a single and multiple image emerges.

The movement of the viewer in front of the picture will create an alternation between one and the other, between one interpretation of the subject and another.

The images reveal and conceal certain details alternately, transitioning from a dominant colour to its complementary colour.

He also uses brushed aluminium, metal paper and Etchin paper.

He also makes optical glass sculpture.

He is represented by galleries in France and abroad.

Конкурсные работы

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  • Жан-Філіп Дюнье 2021 #861383308
  • Жан-Філіп Дюнье 2021 #2043770231
  • Жан-Філіп Дюнье 2021 #648461646
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