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Eric Lesigne

Eric Lesigne was born in Paris in 1967 and raised in Bordeaux until he was 18. After an high school diploma specializing in Fashion Industry, he studied Art and Fashion and graduated of the French Institute of Fashion school in Paris. For many years now, he has been living in France and abroad. He now shares his time between Paris and Washington DC.

I have always known one day I’ll be an artist. To be an artist was for me the only way to escape from everyday life. I understood very quickly that Art is the extension of soul and since childhood my soul has been ready to live free. Yet I did not know how to achieve this and so began a wonderful journey.

Eric Lesigne started his career as a Freelance Fashion Designer. In 1989, thanks to a gift for sketching, he won the first price of Fashion Drawing in a contest organized by the French Maison de Couture Balmain. For three years he has been designing his own collections in ready to wear couture for women before working for L’Oréal Group as a stylist.

L’Oréal gave me the opportunity to find my own way in creating clothes enjoying for more than 5 years a complete freedom, working for the best hairdressers from the group and designing for podiums and professional magazines.

After this period of intense activity, he moved to Los Angeles for a new experience. He became an antic dealer, later on Interior Designer.

There is not a unique way to experiment Art. During this time, I realized that it was possible to use my skills differently, to learn something new, to achieve something my soul seemed looking for. So I did my first paintings in California and in a way discovered who I really was. A part of my life ended opening doors for a new time, the one I was waiting for.

Following this path, he decided to devote himself and express his new passion. Exploring different media as the Alchemist looking for the philosopher’s stone, he experimented several technics. After a few years of working in silence, from acrylic and oil paintings to photographs reworked on IPhone, he then specialized in digital.

In 2018, being more confident with the digital technic, I started exhibiting my work. In January 2019, I signed a contract with a gallery in Washington DC that now represents my work for a period of 6 months.

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