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Egle Lipeikaite

Художник Egle Lipeikaite

Egle Lipeikaite, Lithuania


I am a watercolour artist from Lithuania. A great, green, tiny country where the rain is pouring frequently, where I paint a watercolour. I fell in love with the watercolour before the Art Academy, when I was learning at a painter‘s Vytautas Pečiukonis studio. I started spending my time in the nature, away from all the city clamor and labor. 

In 2002 I started both my own exhibitions and participating in international biennials. In 2009 my watercolour school was founded, where I am teaching people of all ages to paint in various watercolour techniques. 

Water was always an interesting theme. Spectating the purity, vitality, rhythm of the waves, dance of the lights became a huge series of watercolour, which comes to life till this day and has no conclusion.


Blue and Yellow
75 cm x 28 cm

For Ukraine
56 cm x 38 cm

38 cm x 28 cm

38 cm x 28 cm

Конкурсні роботи

  • Egle Lipeikaite 2022 For Ukraine
  • Egle Lipeikaite 2022 Blue and Yellow
  • Egle Lipeikaite 2022 Peace
  • Egle Lipeikaite 2022 War
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