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Ludmila Korol

Художник Ludmila Korol

Ludmila Korol, Ireland

My Latest Painting

The tragic war which is going on now in Ukraine brought this myth up from my memory. People are forced to leave their beautiful country and look for a new life in Europe. Today Ukraine is fighting for democracy and European values and the right to be part of it.

The Myth of Europe

This Greek myth is about a beautiful girl that was abducted by Zeus the chief of the Gods. The remarkable thing is that this girl gave her name to the whole continent of Europe. Her story has been very popular and has been an inspiration for many artists since ancient times. It has been depicted in many pieces of art, ceramics and coins.

According to the legend Europa was the epitome of feminine beauty on Earth. She was a daughter of Agenor, a Phoenician King. Zeus once saw her on the seashore with her friends, he was so captivated with her beauty that he fell in love with her. Immediately he took the form of a bull with a wonderful body and gem-like horns. Zeus persuaded her to climb on his back and he ran to the sea and carried her away to the island of Crete.


80 cm x 80 cm
Oil on Canvas

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  • Ludmila Korol 2022 Escape
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