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Svetlana Bardakova

Svetlana Bardakova, Spain

I started this picture at the first day of WAR… I wanted to express all the shock, frustration and horror I felt that day. How can we allow it to happen? In 21 century we still kill each other, we not learning from history and our civilization has failed if we still prefer to solve conflicts with guns rather than dialogue. 

I’m praying for all innocent souls who is currently in danger and I’m praying for all our world, as we all have to change in order to conquer our ego and open our hearts.

We are all creators of this world, we are all responsible to make it better place of mutual support, friendship and love.


Forgive Us Lord
80 cm x 80 cm
oil on canvas

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  • Svetlana Bardakova 2022 Forgive Us Lord
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