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Helena Ostrohlyad

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I thought for a long time what words of gratitude I would say after the end of the project, because they really are many and they, however, concern all who surrounded this project, who filled it, who accompanied and who helped.

But start with the fact that I really wanted to get on this plein air, and now I know for sure that when you really want something and want something, it's done. Thank you for collecting such people around you that you have chosen such people for participation in the project, because it is a destiny to become all of us not just acquaintances, but friends you are sad for, because they are not enough right now. I am grateful to the experienced artists and those minutes of communication when they could share their wisdom and skill.

I congratulate you on the fact that everything has happened at such a high level and I am glad for those artists who will be able to get to this plein air in the future, because such projects are not enough for our Ukraine! Hold on and on! Thank you from your heart for everything!

Participant of the plein air Elena Ostrohory

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