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Svitlana Nechay-Soroka

Світлана Нечай-Сорока презентує свою картину

Vinnytsya is a very beautiful historical city in the center of Ukraine. There are many cultural and architectural monuments here. I am a native Vinnytsia woman and I wanted to convey the atmosphere of our city, its color-air environment.

The Plenary in Vinnytsia surpassed all my hopes.

Every day was full of events. There were horses and a sauna, and excursions, and restaurants. The organizers tried to ensure that each participant was well, comfortable and enjoyable: from the issuance of first-class paintings and paints and ending with a unique atmosphere of benevolence and healthy competition. Worked intensively.

Particularly grateful to Alina Isaenko, coordinator.

Participant of the plein air Svetlana Nechay-Soroka

The owner of the Valery Heghamyan Award

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