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Volodymyr Kozyuk

The first All-Ukrainian Plenary «The Best Artist» was held in 2017. All contests are a convention, but I am convinced that it is a competition plein air that will promote the development of art. It was an entirely new project, nothing like it was in Ukraine.

It was in Vinnitsa that they could show an example of a decent attitude to the artists: they took care of their comfort, provided with everything necessary for work.

It is good that today, in addition to finances and the extraordinary warm attitude of the city council and mayor of Sergei Morgunov, there is also a charitable component of patrons whose names now come in history! Only together can we make positive changes.

It is very important when nobody alone is taken for business, but there is a collective desire of many people! All of them - dear respect and respect! It is extremely pleasing that the main goal of the competition has been achieved - to bring positive, positive art to the world!

People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk

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