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Beauty is yours, Ukraine!

Краса твоя, Україно!

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery"

NGO "Best Artist / The best artist"
Charitable Foundation named after. Basil Yermilov
At the initiative of the People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk


Within the framework of the project "Spiritual preservation and revival of the culture of Ukraine" from December 17, 2018. On September 17, 2019, conducts an all-Ukrainian open painting competition "Your beauty, Ukraine!"

The contest is held to encourage the development of traditional classical painting and the discovery of talented artists in Ukraine, the further development and popularization of classical art.

Eighteen-year-old artists are invited to participate in the contest.

In order to participate in the competition, it is necessary to collect and provide materials during the above-mentioned period, to complete the application and to agree to the processing of personal data.

The competition is accepted by author's works, executed on a canvas size not less than 100 cm in length and 80 cm in height (100х80) in traditional oil engineering. The author must submit no more than ten works in the categories "Landscape", "Genre painting", "Still life", "Portrait", "Bataliia". The works should be of a positive character, a mood, to represent in Ukraine in each direction.

Paintings by the families of those artists who are already, alas, sorry, today are not with us, but their works can be an example of Ukrainian painting in the category "Art of eternity !!!".

The best works will be exhibited at the exhibition "Your beauty, Ukraine!" in Kyiv.

The Commission will also select works (with the consent of the author) for expositions in public institutions with the possibility of further procurement. Perhaps the formation of a general collection for representing the art of Ukraine abroad, in particular in China.

The winners of the competition will be awarded prizes, money prizes and honors.

For the third place in each of categories the artist receives 10,000 UAH

For the second place in each of the categories the artist receives 15,000 UAH

For the first place in each category the artist receives 25,000 UAH

Grand Prix - 50,000 UAH

Two scholarships will be awarded to talented students for the best composition and a better color decision from the Charitable Foundation. Basil Yermilov and the prize to them. Valery Geghamyan.

As a result of the competition, there will be other prizes, awards and encouragement. The first places and Grand Prix receive the honorable award "Best Artist", made by the Kimberley jewelery house in precious metals.

Before the opening of the exhibition, a catalog of "Fifty Names in the Art of Ukraine" will be prepared.

Jury composition:

  • Minister of Culture of Ukraine Eugene Nishchuk,
  • Director General of the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery", Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Yury Vakulenko (chairman of the jury),
  • Director of the National Art Museum of Ukraine Yulia Litvinets,
  • People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk,
  • Chairman of the Armenian National Artists Union Karen Aghamiyan,
  • art critic, executive director of the NGO "Art Initiatives", general director of the National Museum of Architecture and Life Oksana Povyakhel,
  • curator of the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago, editor of the Ukrainian wave program Maria Klimchak,
  • Head of the Editorial Board of the National Project "Records of Ukraine" Oleg Ivanenko,
  • Ambassador of Culture and Arts of Palestine in the world, Dr. Jamal Badwan, Ph.D,
  • Director of the Rodovid Publishing House Lidia Likhachev,
  • Chairman of the European Association for the Promotion of the Preservation of the World Artistic and Cultural Heritage Association "Conservation de l'Héritageculturel et artistique mondial" Dmitry Litkevich,
  • Director of the company "Ukraine International Media Culture" Liu Yuyadan,
  • Art critic Oleksiy Jadeiko

The jury will also be invited to art critics, artists, public figures and representatives of specialized media.

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