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Natalia Koren Kropf

Художник Наталія Корен Кропф

Natalia Koren Kropf (USA)

Natalia Koren Kropf is a contemporary artist, based in New York, working with environmentally clean materials and methods in painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Natalia is a classically trained artist who is inspired by the beauty of nature, humanity, science, light and movement. She is continuously searching for the inner meaning and new ways of expressing harmony she perceives in our controversial world. Natalia conveys her lyrical voice through reoccurring themes to which she refers to as visual poems. In the recent series of works in various media connected with the common motif, be it elements of nature, transparency of light or inspired by music. They are evident in the series titles such as ‘Light,’ ‘Roots and Cuts,’ ‘Musical Movements,’ ‘Daily Eternal’.

Notable exhibitions include New York University East Galleries, Parsons School of Design Gallery, Silvermine Artists Guild, Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Modern Art Museum ARTMUZA, Art Club of Washington, D. C., among many others. Natalia’s works are in the international collections of Europe and the United States.

Natalia enjoys sharing art knowledge at her private studio. Natalia Koren Kropf is a member of the Art Students League of New York, Monotype Guild of New England, the Pushkin Society Artists Guild, and the National Association of Women Artists, where she currently serves as a President.

Artist statement

I am committed to creating work that radiates positive vibes and deep contemplation.

My artistic aspiration is rooted in respect to Nature and Human beings.

I am curiously observing the surrounding world through my art. I love experimenting as

I adapt environmentally clean techniques, utilizing non-toxic materials and methods in printmaking, painting, and sculpture.

My inspiration and research are drawn from the works of Hilma af Klint, Kazimir Malevich, Vasiliy Kandinsky, and Alex Gray. I believe that quantum entanglement, as explained by contemporary scientists, is a broader phenomenon that embraces the whole universe, thus proving the interconnectedness of all things. Artists can link yet undiscovered qualities of the elements and draw parallels in visual language using shapes, colors, and symbols of the complex dynamics of the world we can merely perceive. I am interested in the trajectories of movement and light - the light on the surfaces of sculpture and painting and the inner light that great works of art emanate. The frequency of such invisible radiation determines the quality of the overall impact of the work of art, along with the luminosity of the surface and the vibrancy of colors and textures.

My process is intuitive and so are my findings.

The unknown is what inspires me and keeps me going.

Competitive works

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  • Наталія Корен Кропф 2021 #734663076
  • Наталія Корен Кропф 2021 #2100927418
  • Наталія Корен Кропф 2021 Innerspace
  • Наталія Корен Кропф 2021 #953999817
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