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Nikolina Kovalenko

Художник Ніколіна Коваленко

Nikolina Kovalenko (USA)

Lives and works in the USA


Surikov Art Institute, Moscow

Master in Fine arts, Russian Academy of Arts, 2011

Berlin University of the Arts, 2010

Personal exhibitions:

Dress Code, Gitana Rosa Gallery, 2014

Masquerade, Dacia Gallery, 2014

Group exhibitions in the USA and Europe:

  • Anniversary Exhibit, 212 Arts, NYC, 2017
  • Escape: Art on Vacation, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Dowell, MD, 2017
  • Super Natural, Aureus Contemporary, NY, 2017
  • Alternating Current, Mayson Gallery, NYC, 2017
  • Townsend Modern/Contemporary, San Francisco, CA, March 2017
  • Impermanence, Gitana Rosa Gallery, Piermont, NY, 2017
  • Information, Brooklyn Brush, NYC, 2017
  • Unstretched, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NYC, 2017
  • Holiday Show, Dacia Gallery, NYC, 2017
  • Full Circle, Mayson Gallery, NYC, 2016
  • The Persistent Nature of Urgency, Mayson Gallery, NYC, 2016
  • New York New York, 212 Arts, NYC, 2016
  • Natural Selection, Mayson Gallery, NYC, 2016
  • Plant Sale, Rabbit Hole Projects, NYC, 2016
  • Primavera, Dacia Gallery, NYC, 2015
  • The Many Faces, Gallery Sensei, 2014
  • 9, Barsky Gallery, Jersey City, 2014
  • Protinus, Dacia Gallery, October 2014
  • Erarta Gallery/Russian Pavilion, 2014
  • Rouge, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, NYC, 2014
  • Black & White Show, Dacia Gallery, NYC, 2014
  • Select Art Fair, Miami, December, 2013
  • Dacia Universal Art Project, France, Germany, Romania, 2013
  • Annual Landscape Exhibition, Dacia Gallery, NYC, 2013
  • Vital Tones, Mayson Gallery, NYC, 2013

Description of work

Nothing is static. We change a little every day, interacting with the world around us. In this strange, constantly changing organism, there are particles of everything we have once known or experienced 2018, oil on canvas, 120 x 85 cm.

The House of Cards of the Subconscious
The House of Cards of thoughts wavered, swayed, and scattered colorful rain, like confetti at a children’s party. Next time, I will not forget to ask the ancients how they built the pyramids 2018, oil on canvas, 120 x 85 cm.

Competitive works

  • Николина Коваленко 2021 Карточный Домик Подсознания
  • Николина Коваленко 2021 Self-Identification
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