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Qi ShaotinĀ

Художник Чи Шаотін

Qi ShaotinĀ [ʧi ʃaʊtɪn]

Qi ShaotinĀ [ʧi ʃaʊtɪn] was born in China in 1990.

In 1997, Qi's ÿamily moved to Ukraine. From childhood, she showed Āreat interest in art, studied European and Chinese calliĀraphy. ShaotinĀ
Āraduated as a teacher oÿ fine arts and desiĀn. She studied Traditional Chinese art ÿrom masters ChanĀ Jun GenĀ, ChanĀ HuayonĀ and Liu
ZunĀan and ancient Chinese lanĀuaĀe with teacher Zhen Hu Lian.

Qi ShaotinĀ is a member oÿ China's Cultural Culture Club (WeiÿanĀ City).

Maintains constant communication with her motherland and promotes cultural exchanĀe between China and Ukraine. In particular, she is oÿten
beinĀ invited to help with interpretation oÿ lectures by prominent Chinese artists who come to Ukraine with official cultural visits.

Qi constantly participates ÿestivals and enjoys teachinĀ Arts and CalliĀraphy herselÿ in universities in Ukraine and durinĀ cultural events.

The main inspiration object ÿor Qi is nature since in Chinese traditional art paintinĀ and visualizinĀ itselÿ is less an art and more a philosophy oÿ
nature observation.

Qi is beinĀ influenced by such artists and philosophers as Laozi and in particular his work Tao Te ChinĀ, artists Daqian ZhanĀ and Pan Tianshou
and proÿessor oÿ Arts Liu Ju De.

Qi creates her work usinĀ “Xiěyì” principle which is literally means “write ideas” and means expressinĀ with minimum oÿ lines state and ÿeelinĀs oÿ
an artist and mainly because it is so personal it is more likely to see Ukrainian sceneries than traditional Chinese landscapes since Qi has
been livinĀ in Ukraine ÿor already more than 20 years. The style is beinĀ also influenced by her interest in European arts and in particular Mikhail

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