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Vitaly Slastyanikov

Vitaly Slastyanikov (Ukraine)

Was born on February 24, 1980 in Kharkov.

From 1987 to 1997 he studied at secondary school № 145 in Kharkov.

My education has nothing to do with art. From a young age, I was overwhelmed by periodic bursts of creative inspiration. But soon it gradually faded away, being blocked by other interests. It was only many years later that I suddenly realized that for many years I had been following the wrong path. I realized that creativity is an integral part of my life, its meaning and one of the ways of self-expression.

Before I realized my mission, for several years I worked in various genres close to cosmism, which was a transitional form on the way to the current direction. A feature of my last projects, I consider their deep philosophy and intangible essence, namely: emotions, feelings, physical phenomena, events, signs, symbolic designations, images, etc. All of them are built on the basis of geometric shapes, individual elements and lines. However, the last exposition is fundamentally different from its predecessors, since it was based on the idea of ​​words encrypted in a special way in English. In general, I try to immerse the viewer not only in sensations, but also in thoughts.

All works are created exclusively in oil on canvas.

I have 7 official exhibitions on my account:

"Prostor" (2012) Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic,

"Contours of Depth" (2015) Information and Exhibition Center "Buzok",
Harkov town,

"Double Vision" (2016) Information and Exhibition Center "Buzok",
Harkov town,

"Reflection of an illusion" (2016) Information and Exhibition Center "Buzok",
Harkov town,

"Edge of Consciousness" (2017) Information and Exhibition Center "Buzok",
Harkov town,

"Children's Dreams" (2018) Information and Exhibition Center "Buzok",
Harkov town,

"Logos" (2021) Information and Exhibition Center "Buzok",
Harkov town.

Description of work

  1. Gemini 60x60. Work from the series "Children's Dreams". The basis of this work is three objects that have arisen as a result of the interaction of cold and heat. The characters encoded in them affect temperature fluctuations.
  2. Flashback 60x60. Top work from the "Children's Dreams" series. It is built on the basis of a ray in the form of the last letter passing through five elements of various shapes located in a conventional mystical zone. It symbolizes an important story from the past, suddenly awakened in memory.
  3. Paranoid Dance / Lost in a dream 60x90. Top work from the series "The Edge of Consciousness", in which both titles imply an ephemeral freedom.
  4. DEFCON 4 60x60. Work from the series "Children's Dreams". Armed Forces Readiness Scale. In the center of the scanner, the priority subject of potential danger is indicated. This work is devoted to the popular computer game.
  5. Peace Corps 70x70. Top work from the "Logos" series. Built on the basis of an encrypted word (union). In the center is the symbol of Peace. Dedicated to a well-known humanitarian organization.
  6. Parallels of time 70x70. A work from the “Logos” series, a feature of which is a combination of a single continuous line and a letter “pouring out” into an hourglass, forming the word “eternity”, whose symbol is presented in the form of two rays located next to each other.
  7. New Era 70x70. From the "Logos" series. The basis of this work is the word "millenium". It is read in a single line, encompassing both figures, each of which is itself the first and second millennia, and contains the designation in the form of a Roman numeral. An important point is a fragment of the third millennium, located in one of the figures in the form of the left side of the letter "M".

Competitive works

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  • Віталій Сластьяников 2021 Параллели Времени
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