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Закир Сабіров

Zakir Sabirov (Tajikistan)

Zakir Sabirov, was on born June 16, 1951. Graduated from Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (1971-1976).

In 1976-1992 worked as a Production Designer in State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Sadriddin Ayni, Dushanbe.

In 1981-1983 had a creative business trip to Algeria.

In 1992-1997 was a director of ‘’SOZ’’ company.

In 1997-2006 was a freelance artist – inventor, creator of new “PARALLELISM” and “MATERIAL-ISM” styles.

In 2012-2015 was a designer at the Dushanbe National Library.

Works: in genres of theatrical, easel and monumental painting, graphics and architecture. The paintings were exhibited at the All-union, Republican and International exhibitions: at the Theatrical museum named after A. A. Bakhrushin and Exhibition hall “Manege” in Moscow, as well as in various cities of Tajikistan, Belarus, Algeria, Spain, Italy, India, Great Britain, USA, China and Ukraine.

Exposition of a new style

In 2014-2015: International exhibitions in Qingdao and other cities of China.

In 2015 took first place and won “Golden Eagle” Medal at the US New York Realism Art ompetition in the category of Parallelism.

In 2016 took part at the International Silk Road Expo Festival in Donghuang, China.

In 2016 became an Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In 2017 the “Parallelism” style was renamed to “NURVORISM”, and “Material-ism” was renamed to “TANVORISM”.

In 2018 – the Best Artist medal winner at the International Competition in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

In 2019 hosted his first exhibition in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Won medal “For the development of the Ukrainian Art” In 2019 took first place and the “Gold Medal” at the USA New York Realism Fine Art Competition in the category of SURREALISM.

In 2020 accepted as the only Tajikistan representative at the Intercontinental art exhibition “UN – symbol of life, freedom and happiness”.

In 2020 hosted his second own exhibition in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

In 2020. Won the special gold medal JURY CHOICE in the TANVORISM category New York Realism Fine Art USA. At the international competition "NEW WAVE OF CONTEMPORARY ART"

The founder of two currents – “NURVORISM” and “TANVORISM”.

The Theory of recognition NURVORISM

Nurvorism comes from tajik word nurvor-shine, light, radiant etc., a set of spatial lights. It's a special vision of the surrounding validity.

We have used to consider the space filled by every possible subjects, events, and people. But on the contrary the person, an apple, a table, a cloud is weaved from numerous of spaces.

The visible and habitual images are weaved from multilayer spaces. And this is the application for the new style, new current, new direction in the Theory of Art.

Nurvorism is a denying concept of the fixed plan in the image. This unrecorded fact is not simply present, it actively participates in all picture grounds, gravitates to space and asymmetry.

The nature of parallelism is formed of the aura soaring in space, and lives in a context of product. It can be combined with any styles existing in art.

Nurvorism is the displaced traces of physical space forms, fallen asleep as though in the suspended condition. It is the world of greatness of space and movement in an invisible substance and the nature of rectilinear and uniform movement of subjects with regard to each other.

Nurvorism is used by the author in easel monumental painting, theatrical-decoration art, and costume. This style waits for the embodiment in architecture, arts and crafts and etc.

For example, the Ampere style was born as greatness imitation in former epoch - in the form of palaces, triumphal arches and monuments. Parallelism is democratic; it is focused on those kinds of art which can receive mass distribution: advertising posters, press, architecture, theatre, cinema, dramatic art, costume, furniture, an interior, ex-terrier, arts and crafts.

The Theory of recognition TANVORISM

What is Tanvorism? This word comes from tajik word tanvor- matter, a fabric.

Tanvorism is born by a matter, a fabric.

The essence of all ideas nature will be transformed to that matter which we have got used to perceive in our daily life. And they can surrounds us in the forms of clothes, curtains, coverlets.

Tanvorism opens existence of the world, also in those details that are invisible to human eyes.

Probably, even with a certain irony it considers reflection of a private world of the person, subjects refracted in fabrics.

There is a special philosophy in it: if stretch mentally all the fragments of a fabric, the subject represented on a matter will also disappear together with folds.

The new style, new current is valid only when it can affect and can lead behind itself even a part of kinds of culture and art.

Competitive works

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