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Anastasiya Kostyshyn

Художник Anastasiya Kostyshyn

Anastasiya Kostyshyn, USA


Chicago based artist Anastasiya Kostyshyn creates portraits of people in a realistic, yet distinctive style. Often in her paintings people are located in natural landscapes or surrounded by nature elements to celebrate the connection between man and nature. Along with this, she is also open to various kinds of portrait commissions.

Anastasiya was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. There she went to an elementary art school. In 2010, Anastasiya moved to Chicago, where she went to the American Academy of Art, and got her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Oil Painting, graduating with Highest Honors.

Ukraine on Fire
24 x 22 inches
Oil on Canvas

Let the Sun Rise
14 x 24 inches
Oil on Canvas

Picturesque Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains
22 x 20 Inches
Oil on Canvas

Ghost of Kyiv, Zmiinyi Island, Sunflowers
14 x 18 inches
Oil on Canvas

Maks in Ternopil
18 x 22 inches
Oil on Canvas

Competitive works

  • Anastasiya Kostyshyn 2022 Ukraine on Fire
  • Anastasiya Kostyshyn 2022 Ghost of Kyiv, Zmiinyi Island, Sunflowers
  • Anastasiya Kostyshyn 2022 Let the Sun Rise
  • Anastasiya Kostyshyn 2022 Maks in Ternopil
  • Anastasiya Kostyshyn 2022 Picturesque Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains
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