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Rita Dauchot

Художник Rita Dauchot

Rita Dauchot, Belgium


I am an essentially self-taught artist, living in Namur, Belgium.

Curious and passionate, I tried various techniques, but the one that suits me best is watercolor, which allows me to share my sensitivity.

Each of the subjects in my paintings has to touch me at first by the emotion it conveys, so allowing me to tell its story and mine at the same time. 

Day after day, I go on exploring watercolors and its endless secrets. Watercolor has become for me an art of living, a way of telling my life story, a path to the others and to the world. Once a painting is gone, it can live its own life, being looked at by people who can see someting, feel something in it touching their own soul. 

So I can affirm that I am what I paint and that I paint what I am. It’s also for me a way to « become » further and deeper.

Watercolor, my way, my passion, my never-ending exploring story … 


We were so happy ... now all the train's crying

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