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Competitive Works

Юлія Бурдак 2021 #1919149293

Julija P. Burdak (Germany, Karbakh)· 2021

Rating: 51.3891
Костянтин Роготченко 2021 #980677425
Художник Костянтин Роготченко

Member of the Art Movement Association, National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Rating: 50.7534
Леся Улибіна 2021  Горн часу
Художник Леся Улибіна

Metaphysical modes of creation - one of the ways of self-understanding and self-expression. Through the state of meditation to the materialization of ideas.

Rating: 50.49
Mehmet Babat 2021 #1571814554
Художник Mehmet Babat

Mehmet Babat (Turkey)

Rating: 48.7158
Talgat Tleuzhanov 2021 #1606179688
Художник Талгат Тлеужанов

Artist, painter, monumentalist.

Rating: 48.2181
Мейлі Корасанті 2021 The Hexagon Integrated as a Sign of Life

Corasanti's paintings begin with organic and biological objects, which she transforms into fantastic, expressive images, often through the symbolic use of color.

Rating: 47.364
Маріанна Брукманн 2021 Перемещение
Художник Маріанна Брукманн

It was very difficult to live in two cities, two countries, but it's worth it! Now I work as a designer and ... I write paintings.

Rating: 46.3001
Юлія Вінтер 2021 in White

Behind each individual appearance hides a multi-layered set of personal characteristics.

Rating: 46.2492
Ігор Некраха 2021 #1063067012
Художник Ігор Некраха

Igor A. Nekrakha (Ukraine, Kharkiv) · 2021

Rating: 45.8412
Олена Іосілович-Сєров 2021 Composition #7 (Композиция #7)

In my works I try to express the connection between the eternal and the real. From an academic point of view, I try to find a balance of color and geometric composition.

Rating: 45.036
Марина Ващенко 2021 Грайливі метаморфози
Художник Марина Ващенко

In the works of Maryna Vaschenko, the influence of the environment in which she grew up is noticeable and which prompted the choice of both the subject matter of the works and the technique of performance.

Rating: 44.8275
Оксана Лаврів 2021 #1103579251
Художник Оксана Лаврів

Works in various genres and techniques of painting.

Rating: 44.4162