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Competitive Works

Закир Сабіров 2021 Река Зерафшана

The founder of two currents – “NURVORISM” and “TANVORISM”.

Rating: 32.355
Ulrike Bolenz 2021 #292332160
Художник Ульріке Боленц

From birth, man develops from an external state to an inner existence.

Rating: 32.0691
Чи Шаотін 2021 Чорне море
Художник Чи Шаотін

"What can't be put into words can be drawn"

Rating: 31.9863
Владислав Здор 2021 #1527937502

Vladyslav M. Zdor (Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih) · 2021

Rating: 31.6724
Наталія Корен Кропф 2021 Ascending
Художник Наталія Корен Кропф

Natalia Koren Kropf is a contemporary artist, based in New York, working with environmentally clean materials and methods in painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Rating: 30.8457
Теймур Даими 2021 Спектр
Художник Теймур Даймі

Multimedia artist, director, philosopher, member of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan.

Rating: 30.8282
J. Molenaar 2021 Berlin Tegel II
Художник J. Molenaar

J. Molenaar

Rating: 30.6346
Николина Коваленко 2021 Карточный Домик Подсознания
Художник Ніколіна Коваленко

Moscow Art Institute IM. Surikov, Master of Vitonished Mistresses of the Russian Academy of Mistresses, Berlinsky University of Mistresses

Rating: 30.3145
Валерій Кузнєцов 2021 Контрасти чуттєвих розумінь нового

Author's works in private collections in Europe, USA, Japan.

Rating: 30.1055
Василь Кафанов 2021 #1615646106
Художник Василь Кафанов

Vasily Kafanov

Rating: 30.1055
Євгенія Божко 2021 Філософія доброти
Художник Євгенія Божко

She works as a teacher of academic drawing and painting at the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Department of Fine Arts.

Rating: 29.4674
Жанна Грак 2021 Three-dimensional Flatnes b1 video

Born in Minsk, Belarus, lives and works in Dusseldorf

Rating: 29.4674