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Competitive Works

Александр Рой-Фурдуй 2021 Лилит. Все возвращается
Художник Александр Рой-Фурдуй

Illustrating the Philosophy of Immortality Trilogy, I seek to combine classical realism with modern methods of presenting visual information to the viewer.

Rating: 29.3538
Надія Сябро 2021 #973321552

Nadiya Y. Syabro (Ukraine, Kyiv) · 2021

Rating: 29.1905
Ірина Шумейко 2021 #1086884888

Iryna L. Shumeiko (Ukraine, Kyiv) · 2021

Rating: 29.0196
Адаміна Шнайдер 2021 Турбулентність ясного неба
Художник Адаміна Шнайдер

Lives and works in Kyiv and Berlin. She is a restorer of fine arts and has a master's degree in arts.

Rating: 28.8271
Дмитро Кравець 2021 #1149763717
Художник Дмитро Кравець

Entropy, color theory, texture and composition are at the core of my abstract artwork, placing me in the realm of abstract expressionism.

Rating: 27.9328
Franco Viola 2021 Andante, 2018, Olio su tela, 100x80 cm
Художник Франко Віола

The act of painting by Franco Viola is the result of a continuous process which accompanies thoughts on the nature of painting in the age of Modernism and on its relationship with place, time and the ever-changing social and human conditions.

Rating: 27.5756
Євген Семенов 2021 Эйфория

In obeying a specific rhythm and plastically working the entire surface of a picture I am aiming to create an artistic space that has its own value. For me this gives the opportunity of being engaged in “pure art” - something like drawing hieroglyphs.

Rating: 27.1346
Боровська / Горін 2021 Zero-Ten / Running through time and space

Elena Borovskaya/Alexander Gorin

Rating: 26.9141
Mohammad Hazaimeh 2021 #1703203449

Mohammad Abdel Rahman Salem Hazaimeh (Jordan, Irbid) · 2021

Rating: 26.6936
Владислав Волосенко 2021 #531052000

Ukrainian sculptor

Rating: 26.6191
Ван Юлонг 2021 #921010952

Van Yulong (Ukraine, Kyiv) · 2021

Rating: 26.5453
Ганна Ануфрієва 2021 #213960322

Hnna M. Anufrieva (Ukraine, Odessa) · 2021

Rating: 26.4731