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Competitive Works

Йонаш Тиберій 2021 #859595679

Jonas Tibor (Ukraine, Mukachevo) · 2021

Rating: 26.1997
Jean-Philippe Deugnier 2021 Enhanced vision 1-2
Художник Жан-Філіп Дюньє

In his lenticular works, he combines between 2 and 8 images, featuring contrasting colours, so that both a single and multiple image emerges.

Rating: 26.1681
Номеда Чюрльоніте 2021 Hездійснена мрія
Художник Номеда Чюрльоніте

Abstraction fascinates the artist Nomeda Ciurlionyte, so this is her main style of painting.

Rating: 26.1681
Нікіта Дмитренко 2021 Labirynt
Художник Нікіта Дмитренко

Postgraduate student of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, teacher of the Academic Art School.

Rating: 26.0994
Інес Берлін 2021 Bolero (Passion, Sex, Death - Bolero)
Художник Інес Берлін

In her spiral pictures she transforms the features of Egyptian painting into colourful floral elements or mythical tales. Her newly-hatched pictures relate to cubist rhythms.

Rating: 26.0994
Луї Шлюмберже 2021 Covid19? Mars!
Художник Луї Шлюмберже

With my approach to art, I will never be able to bring the theory of sciarsism to a perfect perfection, because the great nothing is unfathomable.

Rating: 25.8764
Олексій Омельченко 2021 #1539532104

Oleksiy V. Omelchenko (Ukraine, Kyiv) · 2021

Rating: 25.7824
Оксана Мась 2021 #1634913945
Художник Оксана Мась

Artist, humanist, philosopher, urbanist, theorist and popularizer of art

Rating: 25.7824
Олександра Антонова 2021 #604042547

Oleksandra M. Antonova (Ukraine, Kyiv) · 2021

Rating: 25.7172
Олександра Федорук 2021 #731273915
Художник Олександра Федорук

Graphic artist, painter, monumental artist.

Rating: 25.5543
Кирило Дубовик 2021 #572532141
Художник Кирило Дубовик

He graduated from the School of Culture and Arts. I. Ogienko. In my free time I write music.

Rating: 25.4305
Катерина Савтченко 2021 Circle of life
Художник Катерина Савтченко

Study of fine arts, painting, sculpture, photography and video at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Germany)

Rating: 25.3706