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Volodymyr Kozyuk

Володимир Козюк 2021 #1868724742
Художник Володимир Козюк

President of the international public organization "The best artist". Participates in the project out of competition.

Yuriy Vakulenko

Юрій Вакуленко 2021 Триптих Венера
Художник Юрій Вакуленко

General Director of the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery". Participates in the project out of competition.

Alexander Roy-Furduy

Александр Рой-Фурдуй 2021 Лилит. Все возвращается
Художник Александр Рой-Фурдуй

Illustrating the Philosophy of Immortality Trilogy, I seek to combine classical realism with modern methods of presenting visual information to the viewer.

Karina Voloshko

Каріна Волошко 2021 Гуцулія
Художник Каріна Волошко

Lecturer at the Department of Painting at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

Nellie Kirman

Неллі Кірман 2021 Народження творців
Художник Неллі Кірман

Member of the Creative Union of Artists and the International Association of Fine Arts at UNESCO.

Andrey Volkov

Андрій Волков 2021 #2103515018
Художник Андрій Волков

Curator of exhibition and publishing projects. Participant in the parallel program of the 51st Venice Biennale, the project "Color Non Solo"

Olga Kisseleva

Ольга Кисельова 2021 #2131784445
Художник Ольга Кисельова

Kisseleva's works are in large private collections and collections of European museums

Sergey Dozhd

Сергій Дождь 2021 Абстрактное приближение новых чувств зла. Темная бесконечность.
Художник Сергій Дождь

He is a painter and graphic artist, and the founder of the theory of “Sciarsism” Participates in the project out of competition.