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Ines Berlin

Інес Берлін 2021 Bolero (Passion, Sex, Death - Bolero)
Художник Інес Берлін

In her spiral pictures she transforms the features of Egyptian painting into colourful floral elements or mythical tales. Her newly-hatched pictures relate to cubist rhythms.

Ulrike Bolenz

Ulrike Bolenz 2021 #292332160
Художник Ульріке Боленц

From birth, man develops from an external state to an inner existence.

Olexander Brittsev

Олександр Брітцев 2021 «Мандри-Саламандри» (франмент)
Художник Олександр Брітцев

An artist who works not only in the walls of the workshop where he creates paintings in the genres of portrait, landscape and still life, but also on the walls of buildings.ь.

Elena Iosilevich Seroff

Олена Іосілович-Сєров 2021 Composition #7 (Композиция #7)

In my works I try to express the connection between the eternal and the real. From an academic point of view, I try to find a balance of color and geometric composition.

Marianna Brukmann

Маріанна Брукманн 2021 Перемещение
Художник Маріанна Брукманн

It was very difficult to live in two cities, two countries, but it's worth it! Now I work as a designer and ... I write paintings.

Janna Grak

Жанна Грак 2021 Three-dimensional Flatnes b1 video

Born in Minsk, Belarus, lives and works in Dusseldorf

Jean-Philippe Deugnier

Jean-Philippe Deugnier 2021 Enhanced vision 1-2
Художник Жан-Філіп Дюньє

In his lenticular works, he combines between 2 and 8 images, featuring contrasting colours, so that both a single and multiple image emerges.

Franco Viola

Franco Viola 2021 Andante, 2018, Olio su tela, 100x80 cm
Художник Франко Віола

The act of painting by Franco Viola is the result of a continuous process which accompanies thoughts on the nature of painting in the age of Modernism and on its relationship with place, time and the ever-changing social and human conditions.

Eric Lesigne

Ерік Лєсін 2021 Cosmic Vision
Художник Ерік Лесін

Eric Lesigne uses his work to convey a laconic thought, a reflection of the spirit.

Evgeny Semenov

Євген Семенов 2021 Эйфория

In obeying a specific rhythm and plastically working the entire surface of a picture I am aiming to create an artistic space that has its own value. For me this gives the opportunity of being engaged in “pure art” - something like drawing hieroglyphs.

Olivier de Cayron

Олів'є де Кайрон 2021 Abstraction Mental

Cofounder of the movement Transfiguring and Transfiguring Optico-Narratif, director of the magazine Art-Scenes, and organizer of contemporary art events for more than 25 years, I have been questioning for many years visual photography and the relationship to images.