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During August, 2017, an unprecedented event in the creative life of the city took place in Vinnitsa - the artistic plein air «The Best Artist». Within the framework of the event there were creative meetings, master classes, exhibitions and a lot of surprises from the organizers and partners of the project.

On the basis of submitted applications, the jury selected 12 artists who participated in the plenary session. This is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Ovrach (Vinnytsia), Evgen Shapovalov (Chernihiv), Svitlana Nechai Soroka (Vinnytsia), Sergiy Zayets (Odesa), Iryna Prokopchuk (Vinnytsia), Kateryna Picalo (Dnipro), Olena Ostrohlyad (Poltava), Vitaly Petrovsky (Kyiv), Olesya Rybchenko (Kyiv), Valentyna Vaskyalite (Kyiv), Olexandr Nikityuk (Vinnytsia), Valentyna Koltanovska (Vinnytsia).

Світлана Нечай-Сорока

Світлана Нечай-Сорока 2017 #1769191768
Художник Світлана Нечай-Сорока

Ukrainian artist. Works in the genres of easel painting, graphics. Member of the Vinnytsia regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, winner of the Valery (Valik) Hegamyan Prize 2017.

031 Volodymyr Ovrach

031 Volodymyr Ovrach. Canvas, oil

030 Volodymyr Ovrach

030 Volodymyr Ovrach. Canvas, oil

029 Volodymyr Ovrach

029 Volodymyr Ovrach. Canvas, oil

028 Volodymyr Ovrach

028 Volodymyr Ovrach. Canvas, oil

027 Vitaly Petrovsky

027 Vitaly Petrovsky. Canvas, oil

026 Vitaly Petrovsky

026 Vitaly Petrovsky. Canvas, oil

025 Vitaly Petrovsky

025 Vitaly Petrovsky. Canvas, oil

024 Valentyna Vaskyalite

024 Valentyna Vaskyalite, Canvas, oil

023 Valentyna Vaskyalite

Valentyna Vaskyalite, Canvas, oil.

022 Valentyna Vaskyalite

022 Valentyna Vaskyalite, Canvas, oil

021 Valentyna Koltanovska

021 Valentyna Koltanovska, canvas, oil