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Oksana Lavriv

Оксана Лаврів 2021 #1103579251
Художник Оксана Лаврів

Works in various genres and techniques of painting.

Mykola Kryzhanivsky

Микола Крижанівський 2021 #1813023581
Художник Микола Крижанівський

Ukrainian writer, sculptor, honored teacher of Ukraine, general of the Cossacks.

Natalia Borsuk

Наталія Борсук 2021 #48229540
Художник Наталія Борсук

Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Erm Wohol

Erm Wohol 2021 #661909177

"The search for new forms led me to the idea of a picture without beginning and end."

Volodymyr Kozyuk

Володимир Козюк 2021 #1868724742
Художник Володимир Козюк

President of the international public organization "The best artist". Participates in the project out of competition.

Yuriy Vakulenko

Юрій Вакуленко 2021 Триптих Венера
Художник Юрій Вакуленко

General Director of the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery". Participates in the project out of competition.

Oksana Mas

Оксана Мась 2021 #1634913945
Художник Оксана Мась

Artist, humanist, philosopher, urbanist, theorist and popularizer of art

Alexander Roy-Furduy

Александр Рой-Фурдуй 2021 Лилит. Все возвращается
Художник Александр Рой-Фурдуй

Illustrating the Philosophy of Immortality Trilogy, I seek to combine classical realism with modern methods of presenting visual information to the viewer.