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Karina Voloshko

Каріна Волошко 2021 Гуцулія
Художник Каріна Волошко

Lecturer at the Department of Painting at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

Agata Kałużewska

Агата Калужевська 2021 Baloons
Художник Агата Калужевська

Since 2013, she has been conducting a research program on the perception of abstract art among rural residents.

Eugene Shapovalov

Євгеній Шаповалов 2021 Fast Food 1
Художник Євгеній Шаповалов

Graphic artist, painter. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

ID Sousia

ID Sousia 2021 fascinante révérance
Художник ID Sousia

To observe, to look at the work of ID Sousia is to restore the mental and quiet power that is dormant in us.

Jaremi Picz

Jaremi Picz 2021 #1168924998
Художник Jaremi Picz

His adventure with art began with the first individual exhibition in 1973 as a part of the national competition of knowledge about art entitled: "Woman in Art"

Arnold Ananicz

Арнольд Ананіч 2021 Allegory of the Senses
Художник Арнольд Ананіч

Arnold Ananiczius is an independent painter and a descendant of Polish nobility.

Nomeda Ciurlionyte

Номеда Чюрльоніте 2021 Hездійснена мрія
Художник Номеда Чюрльоніте

Abstraction fascinates the artist Nomeda Ciurlionyte, so this is her main style of painting.

Lesya Ulybina

Леся Улибіна 2021  Горн часу
Художник Леся Улибіна

Metaphysical modes of creation - one of the ways of self-understanding and self-expression. Through the state of meditation to the materialization of ideas.

Natalia Koren Kropf

Наталія Корен Кропф 2021 Ascending
Художник Наталія Корен Кропф

Natalia Koren Kropf is a contemporary artist, based in New York, working with environmentally clean materials and methods in painting, printmaking and sculpture.