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Modern Art

Luka Beselia

Лука Беселія 2021 #146041839

Participant of numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Miroslav Capovčák

Мирослав Цаповчак 2021 #122712207

In addition to teaching, he is engaged in painting, drawing and graphics.

Philipp Chornobrov

Філіпп Чорнобров 2021 Поділ футуристичний
Художник Філіпп Чорнобров

Artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the Union of Designers of Ukraine and the Union of Advertisers of Ukraine.

Kotaro Fukui

Котаро Фукуі 2021 #544280869
Художник Котаро Фукуі

Recognized modern artist. Participates in the project out of competition.

Alena Molozanov

Олена Молозанов 2021 Hazy Summer Of 2020

Molozanov's paintings are a great adventure to study and observe.