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Modern Art

Dmytro Kravets

Дмитро Кравець 2021 #1149763717
Художник Дмитро Кравець

Entropy, color theory, texture and composition are at the core of my abstract artwork, placing me in the realm of abstract expressionism.

Serhiy Maksymchuk

Сергій Максимчук 2021 Велеса крила
Художник Сергій Максимчук

The series "Beyond the Human" is created at the level of the universe – the soul outside the body. Therefore, there are not so many such works. One picture is created from several months to several years.

Louis Schlumberger

Луї Шлюмберже 2021 Covid19? Mars!
Художник Луї Шлюмберже

With my approach to art, I will never be able to bring the theory of sciarsism to a perfect perfection, because the great nothing is unfathomable.

Olga Sabadin

Ольга Сабадін 2021 Блуждающая луна
Художник Ольга Сабадін

I draw my natchnennya from the rise, splitting from people, robots from children ...

Mally Khorasantchi

Мейлі Корасанті 2021 The Hexagon Integrated as a Sign of Life

Corasanti's paintings begin with organic and biological objects, which she transforms into fantastic, expressive images, often through the symbolic use of color.

Hermes Zygott

Гермес Зіготт 2021 #1666258830

Hermes Zygott is equally successful in all his endeavors, whether drawing or leading an orchestra.

Ekatherina Savtchenko

Катерина Савтченко 2021 Circle of life
Художник Катерина Савтченко

Study of fine arts, painting, sculpture, photography and video at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Germany)