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Modern Art

The Best in Contemporary Art

Кращі в сучасному мистецтві 2021 #210095813

The results of the First International Competition in the field of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Museum of the History of Kyiv, September 10th, 2021.

Sviatoslav Virsta

Святослав Вірста 2021 Трансформації пізнання
Художник Святослав Вірста

I believe in my works as a radiance, as my breakthrough, as an exit to the high steps of the world space, which will allow humanity to take a step towards the victory of Good over Evil.

Olexiy Koval

Олексій Коваль 2021 #131222983

The most important and valuable things in my life were the people I met and studied with.

Neal Tolunsky

Neal Tolunsky 2021 #1714789607

Neal is passionate about art, art history and am interested in a career in museums

Troy Khasiev

Troy Khasiev 2021 #286760812

Troy started started experimenting with digital imaging encouraged by his architect father, since early teenage years.

Maryna Vaschenko

Марина Ващенко 2021 Грайливі метаморфози
Художник Марина Ващенко

In the works of Maryna Vaschenko, the influence of the environment in which she grew up is noticeable and which prompted the choice of both the subject matter of the works and the technique of performance.

Julia Winter

Юлія Вінтер 2021 in White

Behind each individual appearance hides a multi-layered set of personal characteristics.