The project "Paints of Heart's Flame" in defense of the country

The catalog of the charity art project with photo reproductions of paintings and biographical references of more than 200 authors from 55 countries can be purchased for 1,000 UAH. This unique project is registered in the National Book of Records of Ukraine as the largest charitable artistic event in the history of Ukraine.

All funds from the sale of the publication will be directed to targeted financing of enterprises of the defense industry of Ukraine.

You can order the catalog on the page of the Public Organization "Best Artist" at Facebook or by sending a request to our email.

You can receive your order at the closest "Nova Poshta" branch.

«Кращий художник». Восьмий сезон

«Кращий художник». Восьмий сезон

«Кращий художник | The best artist 2024» · «Місця сили України – Вінниччина» · Перебіг подій та результати пленеру

Окремий загін спеціального призначення «Азов» – лауреат національної премії «Скарб Нації 2022»

The winners of the national prize "Treasure of the Nation 2022" are the special forces "Azov"

Azov special forces unit - laureate of the national award "Treasure of the Nation 2022"

Поштові марки «Майбутнє України – діти»

Postage stamps "Our Children - Ukraines Future"

On August 23, 2022, on Flag Day of Ukraine, at the Kyiv Main Post Office, a ceremonial redemption of postage stamps issued by the "Best Artist" as part of the "Future of Ukraine - Children" project took place.

Embedded thumbnail for До 31 річниці Незалежності України

To the 31st anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine

Presentation of the charity art project "Paints of Heart's Flame". Lviv, August 22, 2022

Подільська ікона афіша виставки

Podil icon

"Podilskyi icon" exhibition at the Andrey Sheptytskyi National Museum · July 22, 2022, 20 Svobody Prospect, Lviv, Ukraine

«Поклик серця» каталог проєкту

"Call of the heart" project catalog

Three large-scale exhibitions by Volodymyr Kozyuk opened simultaneously in three of the city's best cultural institutions: "My soul is Ukraine" in the Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Local History, "Looking through the Heart" in the Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum, and "Flight to Dreams" in the XXI Gallery.

Жах війни. Версія XXI століття

"The horror of war. XXI century version" catalog of the exhibition

Exhibition within the framework of the project of public diplomacy "Support Ukraine!": Krakow - Rome - Madrid - Dusseldorf - Murcia - Brussels

Фарби полум’я сердець 2022 #2013427927

Paints of Heart's Flame

The catalog of the art project "Paints of the Flame of Hearts" is being prepared for printing. After proofreading and editing the signal release, the publication will see the light of day in a week.

Embedded thumbnail for Підтримай Україну!

Support Ukraine!

"Support Ukraine!" - People's Diplomacy Project, initiated by the Lviv Regional State Administration. It is aimed at countries that have not taken a clear position in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Мистецький фронт

Artistic front

Report from the artistic front of the People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk.

Виставка живопису народного художника України Володимира Козюка «Погляд крізь серце»

Look through the heart

Exhibition of paintings by the People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk "Look through the heart". Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum, Vinnytsia, June 1, 2022.

Пишіть правильно: Kyiv

Write correctly: Kyiv

The artist Ulrike Bolenz reminded the world how to spell the name of the city of Kyiv correctly.

Прапор України очима дітей 2022 #571887061

Flag of Ukraine through the eyes of children

Public organization "Best Artist", Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum and photographer Konstantin Revutsky together with children who left their homes in the war zone created paintings on the theme of the state flag.

The path to victory 2022 #808725993

The path to victory

Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum together with the Vinnytsia Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, with the participation of artists from Vinnytsia. Vinnytsia, street Soborna, April 21, 14, 2022.

Конкурс «Рідна Вінниччино моя – бережімо тебе» афіша

"My dear Vinnytsia region - let's take care of you"

All-Ukrainian open children's competition "My native Vinnytsia region - let's take care of you"

Кращі в сучасному мистецтві 2021 #210095813

The Best in Contemporary Art

The results of the First International Competition in the field of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Museum of the History of Kyiv, September 10th, 2021.

Мистецтво: Метаморфози та дискурси 2021 #229916893

Art: Metamorphoses and Discourses

International Scientific Conference "Art: Metamorphoses and Discourses", Kyiv, September 9-10, 2021

Виставка сучасного мистецтва, абстракції та сайарсизму. Київ

Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Abstraction and Sciarsism. Kiev

Award ceremony of the winners of the International Competition "The Best Artist in the Field of Contemporary Art, Abstraction and Sciarsism" and the opening of the report exhibition. Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv, September 10, 2021.

Виставка сучасного мистецтва, абстракції і сайарсизму

Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Abstraction and Sciarsism. Vinnytsia

The Opening of the First in Ukraine Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Abstractionism and Sciarsism, September 3rd, 2021, Vinnytsia Regional Art Museum.

Закриття V ювілейного пленеру  #1683154832

Closing of the V anniversary plein air

Solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the V anniversary International Art Plein Air «Кращий художник / The best artist – 2021». Vinnytsia, August 18, 2021.